Ok – let’s start at the top. You can accuse me of being biased. Hardcard is formally engaged by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to advise on motorcycle related projects. So there.

Nonetheless, the prospect of a motorcycle race at IMS is the most important news for motorcycle racing in the US in many, many years.

Why? It’s simple. Indianapolis is racing in America—and to much of the world. There are few facilities, if any, that come close to its history, grandeur, size and penetration into the mind of the casual sports fan. Indy legitimizes.

Ask around about NASCAR’s experience after its first appearance at the Brickyard. That event was one of the key reasons for NASCAR’s mainstream legitimacy. And EVERYONE knows the Indy 500. It is the largest single-day sporting event in the world.

As for bikes? If MotoGP gets to the famous Speedway, look for a new MotoGP record attendance number for six of the seven continents it visits with a legitimate shot at topping some of the outrageous Spanish round attendance numbers. That’s how big this could be. And for legitimizing motorcycle racing, it will benefit motorcycling in the US. That’s good for all of us.

You see, Indy infuses Mojo, hosting only three major events a year with little or no activity beyond that. This is in stark contrast to the demand for 100% utilization most facilities face. The few series invited into Gasoline Alley immediately join an elite and exclusive club and the nation’s mainstream media, gearheads of all types, casual fans and captains of industry take notice. And when they do, they’ll love Nicky. And his parents. And his brothers. Go. Watch. Kiss the Bricks. Let’s all hope it happens.