Hardcard Holdings has the skills, experience and relationships to help racing circuits, sanctioning bodies, media properties, teams and racing brands develop and implement strategy, drive revenue and operate efficiently.

Hardcard executives have:
· A combined 55 years experience in racing
· Contacts and business relationships with racing, media and motorsports industry executives at all levels
· The unique, collective background of working as racing sanctioning bodies, promoters, sponsors, media members, teams and riders
· Collectively raised more than $20 million in sponsorship funds


4 Responses to “About”

  1. John Macgowan Says:

    I would like to contact someone about the upcoming INDY motogp but you don’t list any contact info. I have been talking to Bob Beasley at the IMS about marketing our new line of Motorsports products and see you are involved.
    John Macgowan
    Shock Doctor, inc.

  2. Mario Bauer Says:


    I would like to contact someone regarding hr.

    Unfortunately you don’t list any contact info.

    Please be so kind to get in touch with me.

    Tx and best regards


  3. Reply to John Macgowan – Shock Doctor, inc.,

    john , you can cross-promote with VivaDUCATI.com, depending on your product line, and tie into a VIP Access Credentials Package at Indy with Hotel for all 3-Days. Good exposure, a discerning audience of riders, and excellent marketing outreach exposure pre and post the event. Give me a shout at JRossi@VivaDUCATI.com.

    Other Motorcycle Motor Sport related vendors also welcome for promotional collaboration for Indy MotoGP.

    Respectfully, John M. Rossi

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